The Original Spud Fit Challenge

Follow exactly what I did
30 days is all you need to reboot your body and mind
Imagine this:
  • You have an abundance of energy.
  • You stand taller because you are proud to walk around in the body you’ve created. Hell you even want to show it off!
  • You negotiate social situations and environmental triggers that once would have led to bingeing with confidence.
  • You move freely in a lighter, more agile body that is unencumbered by inflammation.
  • Your digestive system is calm. No more bloating. No runs, no constipation. It just works as it was designed to.
  • Your doctor has reduced or completely removed your blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes meds.
  • You are free of the emotional burden of weighing, tracking, measuring, overthinking every bite of food you eat, AND from the regret and shame of failure. You JUST EAT - whenever and however much you feel like - and your body loves you for it. SIMPLE.
  • Your mind is sharper. The fog - the food 'hangover' - has lifted and you have a clarity of thought you didn’t know existed.
  • Your wallet is full - this is one of the cheapest ways to eat on the planet, and you'll save on medical bills too!
  • You are calm within yourself. You have a newfound confidence and sense of self-belief because YOU are steering this ship. You now know what superior health feels like and how to achieve it, and for once you feel in control of your own health destiny.
  • You experience the kind of self-esteem that only comes from affirmative action.
  • You are EXCITED about what the future holds, instead of fearing it.
  • YOU ARE NEVER HUNGRY. In fact, letting yourself get hungry is against the rules.

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Get The Results I Did By Letting Me Lead You Through Your Own Spud Fit Challenge

The above scenarios aren't imaginary - they are all things I personally experienced in ever-increasing proportions over the course of 2016, when I ate only potatoes for an entire year. EVERYTHING changed for me, physically and mentally.

But even more importantly, it marked the beginning of a journey to good health for thousands and thousands of others who were inspired by my story, either reached out to me personally or watched from the sidelines, and were emboldened to take their own health into their own hands. That was the beginning of the Spud Fit Challenge community and this was the most welcoming, supporting and loving group of people I’ve ever had the good fortune to be surrounded by.

Critically, it does not take a year to achieve a complete reboot in your relationship with food. 30 days is a perfect length of time to totally overhaul your mind and your body.

For a one-time payment and lifetime access, you get:

  • The full Spud Fit Challenge video course: 26 daily videos that serve as your own personal online food addiction rehabilitation clinic. Let me guide you through your challenge with my nutrition and food psychology expertise and experience,  encouragement, support and tips and tricks. Includes worksheets and quizzes to personalise your experience, consolidate your learning and integrate the changes you make into your life for the long term.
  • The BONUS course: hours of bonus content including live videos, Q&A sessions, guest expert lectures and more from the original 2016 Spud Fit Challenge group
  • An in-depth ‘Before Survey': being totally honest with yourself about your situation and knowing exactly where you stand at the beginning of your challenge will set you up for the best possible outcome.
  • A printable Spud Fit journal; journalling is a tool that is proven to be an effective mental primer.
  • A shopping list: set yourself up for success with pantry basics that provide just enough interest to keep you on track.
  • An equipment list: you don’t need much to eat potatoes! The bare essentials to get you started.
  • The ‘Spud Fit Scales’: a food diary tool unique to Spud Fit that supports the food psychology behind the method and will keep you accountable.


Like us, you deserve to feel better than the way you currently feel. WAY better.

Like us, you deserve to know the truth about good nutrition, human biology and addiction science.

Like us, you deserve to feel EXCITED about your future.


Start today, and in 30 days you could be in a completely different place to the one you're in now. You could feel calm and at peace around food, eating as much as you want, whenever you feel like it, with NO NEED FOR WILLPOWER. You could feel lighter and more agile in your body with lots more room in your clothes. You could be enjoying the feeling of true self esteem that only comes from taking massive positive action.

What Should You Expect From This Challenge?

  • CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better in more ways than you can imagine through acquiring knowledge, tools and techniques.
  • STOP OBSESSING over counting, tracking, measuring or weighing anything: learn to focus on the process – the results will follow.
  • MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS without turning to food.
  • DEAL WITH CRAVINGS effectively and decisively by learning how to silence the internal debate over food choices.
  • LOSE WEIGHT: it is common for people in the Spud Fit Academy to lose large amounts of weight, quickly.
  • GAIN ENERGY: feeding your body with high quality, clean fuel will have you feeling young and vibrant again.
  • GET HEALTHY: countless people have cured themselves of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis as well as many other issues while doing a Spud Fit Challenge.
  • GAIN MENTAL CLARITY by freeing up valuable brain space and time to focus on more important things in life than every morsel that enters your mouth.
  • GAIN CONFIDENCE: with improvements in health and energy, as well as a new relationship with food comes confidence and willingness to step outside the comfort zone. This has the potential to change your life in more ways than you can imagine.
  • SLASH YOUR FOOD BILL AND MEDICAL COSTS: the cost of the membership will be more than offset by the money you save on food and medical expenses.
  • Experience SIMPLE, EASY and FAST food preparation.
  • GAIN a greater understanding of your own personal relationship with food and how it affects your life.
  • GAIN a greater understanding of the principles of healthy eating and living, and of how food affects all aspects of health.
  • BE A PART of a groundbreaking new approach to weight loss that has already worked for thousands of people, within a supportive community of like minds who understand where you’re coming from.

The Spud Fit Challenge Video Course Includes:


Lesson 1: What is food addiction?

Lesson 2: What is a healthy human?

Lesson 3: Finding your why.

Lesson 4: Why potatoes?


Lesson 5: The Moderation Myth

Lesson 6: What about healthy cravings?

Lesson 7: 'The Rules' - A narrow focus

Lesson 8: Conversations with your doctor

Lesson 9: Conversations with friends and family

Lesson 10: Accepting the reality of your situation

Lesson 11: Your past does not define you!

Lesson 12: The 6 P's


Lesson 13: What to expect in the beginning and how to survive it!

Lesson 14: How much water should you drink?

Lesson 15: All about exercise.


Lesson 16: Dealing with cravings

Lesson 17: Fear Of Missing Out - the true nature of sacrifice

Lesson 18: Getting in touch with emotional eating

Lesson 19: How food affects depression


Lesson 20: Society's obsession with food

Lesson 21: Removing barriers to success

Lesson 22: Learning to enjoy LIFE, rather than just food

Lesson 23: Social situations and restaurants

Lesson 24: What if you fall off the horse?

Lesson 25: Dealing with Doubters

Lesson 26: Living your new life to its fullest

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