The negatives of positivity

Positive thinking can often be delusional. Positive thinking allows us to believe that things are different than they really are and sleepwalk through life experiencing an altered state of reality. Positive thinking can blur the truth of how certain behaviours are impacting our lives and keep us trapped in a rut of inaction.

We need to replace the idea of positive thought with objective thought. We don’t need to convince ourselves of anything or talk ourselves into being more than we are. We need to learn to see reality for what it is, with no emotion, no hope and no spin attached. We need to take a step back from our own lives and shine a light on our own self destructive patterns. Only when we fully recognise, understand and accept the true reality of our choices, can we embrace a new path.

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I think objective thought should be known as reality thought.

Yes good point!

100% agree! Stop living in la la land and face up to what is! Thank you!

This is where it's at!

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