The Mega Foods Plan

The Mega Foods Plan


The follow-on from our groundbreaking physical and psychological food addiction reset The Original Spud Fit Challenge, The Mega Foods Plan is our brand-new, comprehensive program for long term, sustainable health and weight management to support you at every stage of life. It is:
Highly nutritious
Delicious comfort foods - REAL food!
Suitable for the whole family

We’ve all been down that long, bumpy and winding road paved with mythical superfoods from ancient, far off lands. That road promises so much but delivers so little.

The truth is that society’s extreme focus on fixing all our health problems with super foods is unhealthy. It’s like adding a turbocharger to a misfiring engine.

Let’s take a different road. Let me show you a long, straight road where you can relax, hit cruise control and sing along to the radio. Put the top down and feel the breeze while your engine purrs.

The Mega Foods Plan is a simple and straightforward approach to long term, sustainable health. It is powered by the big block V8s of the food world to make sure you’re always running at full power and ready to put the pedal to the metal.

You get:

The Mega Foods Plan online program
Access to the dedicated, private Spud Fit Facebook support groups, The Spud Fit Challenge and The Mega Foods Plan, our hubs of encouragement, advice and support for all things Spud Fit
24 lessons to guide you through every aspect of making this plan work for you
Downloadable worksheets to reinforce your learning and take it to a deeper level
Tools to keep you accountable and track your progress


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