Spud Fit Personal Coaching

Spud Fit Personal Coaching

$125.00 / week$500.00 / month

Direct, Personally Tailored Help If You Are Ready For Extraordinary Physical, Mental And Emotional Change. The Next 90 Days Will Transform You. Forever.


I'm here to help you speed up and smooth out the process, beginning with a unique approach to weight loss and food psychology.

If you have already tried everything else - just like I had, and if you’re ready to commit to creating long-term change, then this is the program for you. My personal coaching program focuses on the inner work required for real, sustained results. It’s the ultimate personalised program, with daily access to me as a lifeline. It's perfect for those of you who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and who are ready to get off the diet merry-go-round once and for all.


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I am a victim of terrible injustice, savage violence and lies at an MD office Soho NYC USA oct 1, 2012. I was violently threatened several times during an investigation and the NYPD also broke laws - everyone protected by the DA that tried to lower Jeffrey Epstein's sex offender status! I gained so much weight after the violence and FYI the lies and gaslighting on going! I developed grey rims around my irises, got an alert from the lab I needed to change my diet I am pre-diabetic! Couldn't believe it -- it's not something that runs in my family. I saw Dr McDougall's interview with Andrew Taylor and I signed up and Andrew is the best coach! I lost a little weight on my own pre Andrew. I also used high carb Hannah's premium diet and Jeanine Elder Potato wisdom and Jon Gabriel for visualizations and Trauma but Andrew gives you one on one help that is phenomenal. He is so supportive and I feel that I have so much soul pain and hopelessness and it makes me like a special-needs kind of person and he's just great with people like that! He has help me like nobody else and I'm 57 now and I can now fit into clothing I was wearing when I was age 50 and I got violated at a doctors and I looked beautiful before that assault. I still haven't healed. I don't feel beautiful like I did. I still have a way to go but Andrew Taylor, Spudfit has given me hope! Coach Andrew helps me to access small miracles inside myself at age 57! Athough I still have a long way to go he's really really really helps me!

It's devastating to not be safe at a doctors office I'm traumatized I'm devastated! It's devastating that in New York City in the United States of America you're not even safe for the doctors office. I just felt hopeless and I haven't regained my hope but I am definitely starting to feel better and I'm able to fit into clothing rack no longer wear. Could you imagine after being violated and having to get your eye repaired from a violent attack and threats being so traumatized you turn to food and you can no longer fit into clothing I had to go out and buy new clothing!

Andrew Taylor gives you constant feedback and support so I feel like I'm running the New York City Marathon that I have this constant support as I ran the 26.2 miles which I did so many years ago and wish I could do again!

At age 57 to be able to finally wear the clothes I used to wear when I was 50 not that I have much of that left anymore but it's amazing to find a pair of pants I was photographed in the New York Times helping a jazz legend who is homeless and now I can fit into those pants again!

Before working with Andrew I could not fit in those pants!

Google Dr Fagelman assault YouTube. Rather than apologize for not firing his employee his takes her to drug parties! Too see me in those pants a few month before the Assault google Giuseppie Logan nytimes -- it's the article with many photos in my photo is towards the bottom of a huge huge article where I'm sitting with him so happy and looking so slim and youthful !

I've aged 100 years and Andrew cannot help me with that but today at 57 I can't fit in those pants .

I would encourage anyone who truly wants to lose weight and get healthy to try Andrew Taylor's coaching program!

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