Ocean Robbins - Food Revolutionary

Ocean Robbins is a powerful man on a mission to shake up the way we view food and it’s role in our lives. As a prolific creator, speaker, writer and movement leader, Ocean has already played a major role in influencing hundreds of thousands of lives through his yearly Food Revolution Summit. Now he’s taking it to a new level with the release of his book ’31 Day Food Revolution - Heal Your Body, Feel Great and Transform Your World’.

I was lucky to be able to read an advanced copy of this book and was inspired by Ocean’s boundless positivity and optimism. He sees raw power and the potential for greatness in people and he believes with all his heart that we can rise above the current malaise to create a future to be proud of.

It was a real pleasure to chat with Ocean, I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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Check out Ocean's new book - 31 Day Food Revolution - Heal Your Body, Feel Great and Transform Your World

Also check out the classic book by Ocean's dad, John Robbins - Diet For A New America



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