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Brand New: Pay What You Can

For so many years I felt totally broken and alone. I was embarrassed to be seen in public and ashamed of the way I ate. Nobody knew about the entire pack of choc chip cookies I would eat on the way home from doing the shopping, or the two large fries I’d get from McDonald’s on the way home from work. 

Everyone around me seemed to be totally comfortable and in control with food. I couldn’t understand how people at parties could just stand around a table full of food and engage in meaningful conversation while I was constantly wondering if a socially acceptable amount of time had passed since my last slice of pizza and if anyone had noticed that I’d already had 6. I felt like the only person in the world who couldn’t wrangle this mythical beast known as “moderation”. I was a freak, an outsider, an anomaly who just couldn’t figure out this most basic of human behaviours: stop eating when you’re full. 

When my story broke and the insanity of world wide viral attention took over my life, one beautiful thing happened. Bursting forth from between all the online hate, doubt and derision, bewilderment and confusion, was a tidal wave of people who related to my message. I was bombarded with messages of support and encouragement from people who had experienced my struggles and I was overwhelmed with the number of people who wrote to me asking for help. These people saw me, these people heard me, these people accepted me. For the first time in forever, I didn’t feel alone in dealing with these problems. I felt safe and comfortable, suddenly I was part of a tribe, a subculture that I didn’t even know existed. 

Spud Club is our recreation of this precious, invaluable feeling of belonging, unfailing encouragement and support that I received from all over the world. 

Spud Club is a place to learn, a place to connect and a place to grow.

Friends, the Spud Fit Challenge truly works! I’m just one of many who has experienced huge rewards from following this program. I now have better health, better than I’ve felt in many years, and I’ve learned more about myself throughout this challenge than I ever would have expected, about my relationship with food, my thoughts and emotions, and so much more.

What's Included

Because Spud Fit is all about simplicity and accessibility, all of our current and future courses are included in one, simple membership. 

Each course is designed to hold your hand while you take that first leap of faith, and guide you through the processes that have been successful for me and so many others. 

And, crucially, membership also gives you access to our Spud Fit community. The people there will embrace you with open arms and share in your struggles and triumphs, because we are all walking the same path. 

Your Spud Club membership is covered by our 'Baked in Success' Guarantee. We have 100% confidence that what we teach works, we know that following our program as prescribed will bring you dramatic results, fast. Enrol now, start watching lessons and connecting with other Spuddies and in just two weeks you can expect to see a tectonic shift in your energy levels, mood, health, relationship with food - and of course your weight.

NEW!: Pay What You Can

The most important time to take charge of your own health is and always has been, right now. 

This has come into sharp focus for us in the last few weeks with the health and economic challenges facing all of us.

We’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea that money can be a barrier to good health for many people. We know that it’s often the people who need the most help who can least afford it. We often give our products away for free to people who let us know that they really need help but are in a tight spot financially. We are also sure that many people just head for the hills without contacting us as soon as they see the price tag. Right now, this is more of us than ever.


We want that to stop. 


Click below to read more about why Pay What You Can is important to us and how it works.

Still coming to grips with this "no pain" way of life and the energy I have is beyond belief. It's getting better every day. Why don't doctors have this knowledge! Andrew and Mandy, I can't thank you enough for changing my life. You have given me my life back, in a way. Love you guys.


You will learn how simple, delicious, cheap and easy it is to satisfy nutritional requirements - across all human life stages. You will learn about the psychology that drives human behaviour around food, why that works against us in our modern society, and how to use this knowledge to forge a new, calm relationship with food.

Membership to Spud Club includes ALL of our courses:

Our flagship program, The Original Spud Fit Challenge is the ultimate mind and body reset. A short-term program that will dramatically transform your physical body by completely renewing and revitalising your relationship with food. If there is a deep disconnect between how your body works and feels and how you’d like it to, if you’ve tried a bunch of different things and you’re more confused than before, or if Andrew’s story really resonates, this super simple, ultra-cheap reset is for you.

Includes access to our dedicated, potatoes-only, closed Facebook support group, ‘The Spud Fit Challenge’. Get round-the-clock support, advice and encouragement from Andrew, his wife Mandy and your fellow community members who are also taking their own Spud Fit Challenge.

Our long-awaited follow on from The Original Spud Fit Challenge, The Mega Foods Plan is our ultra-simple and highly nutritious health and weight management program. The MFP is designed to nourish your relationship with food, and therefore your body, for you and your whole family. This is all-you-can-eat weight management with real whole foods.

Includes access to the brand new Mega Foods Plan closed Facebook group - the hub of everything else Spud Fit.


COMING MARCH 2020: Spud Fit Cooking!

This is no Masterchef. Spud Fit cooking is about cheap, simple, nutrition that is achievable for everyone. No special equipment or complicated ingredients required and you don’t need to be a wiz in the kitchen. Just hearty, filling, flavourful meals packed with nutrition that will keep you satisfied. 

COMING APRIL 2020: Spud Fit-ness!

Cultivate a love of movement and incorporate it seamlessly into your life with our Spud Fit-ness program. A simple, relaxed and achievable fitness education program that’s easily tailored to ANY level of fitness or experience. With a major focus on enjoying exercise, avoiding injury and progressing at your own pace. 


Access to hours of BONUS content - live Q&A sessions, guest interviews and much more.

Continuously evolving new content including mini-courses, expert lectures, tools and tips to keep you inspired, informed and on track.

Monthly or yearly membership. NO CONTRACTS. Backed by our 'Baked in Success' 30 day money back guarantee.
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