Welcome to The Free Spud Fit Mini-Academy

Let's start transforming your relationship to food today.

Lesson 1 - Dealing with cravings

My two favourite and most effective tips for dealing with cravings. Do these things before you try anything else!

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Lesson 2 - But I love my cheese!

Is there a particular food you have trouble quitting? This lesson will help you re-frame the problem and help you achieve clarity in your thoughts on certain foods.

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Lesson 3 - Fear of change, fear of failure

Fears hold us back and stop us from taking action. This lesson will help you understand your fear and move through it.

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Lesson 4 - Dealing with friends and family

Diet change can be confronting for our friends and family. This lesson will help you navigate tricky terrain and while maintaining harmony with those around you.

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Lesson 5 - But I Don’t have the willpower

Willpower is a limited resource, nobody has unlimited reserves. This lesson will help you to remove the need for willpower and making decision making much simpler.

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6. Congratulations!

You’ve completed the free Spud Fit mini-course! I want to extend a huge thank you for trusting me to deliver some useful tools, techniques and strategies for dealing with food addiction and setting a new course for your life.

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