Version 1 Change your relationship with food
and transform your whole life.
Change your relationship with food
and transform your whole life.

Weighing, measuring, tracking, portion control, deprivation, mindful eating...none of these popular weight loss tools work in the long term because they only ever address the symptoms of weight gain, not the actual problem: your relationship with food.

I ate ONLY potatoes for all of 2016. Just potatoes, every meal, every day, for 366 days straight. That’s right, I did it on a leap year to be extra hard core! I ate all the potatoes I wanted every day, usually baked, boiled or mashed. Even for breakfast. No other fruit or veg, including greens.

I know that this seems super weird.

I totally get why - at first, anyway - the experts assumed it was a fad.

I completely understand the people who suggested I was 'doing something crazy' for 15 minutes of fame (though if you watch my first 'journal entry' on Youtube, you’ll understand why attention was the last thing I was looking for).



None of that matters though, for two reasons.

Slide Before After

Slide Before After

First, I lost 55kg (121 pounds) - and I’ve kept that weight off for over three years now, eating an enormous range of real, whole foods - as much as I want.

My physical health - closely monitored by my doctor who is also a registered dietician - bounced back beyond anything I dared to imagine and I gained energy by the truckload. Most importantly, I came back from the mental black hole I had been in for years.

Second: Results are typical.

Through what became known as the 'Spud Fit Challenge', I’ve now helped thousands of people turn their health and lives around via my online courses and support groups, books and individual coaching. I’ll never get tired of hearing from people who’ve had to go shopping for a whole new - much smaller! - wardrobe, who have reversed their diabetes, whose shocked doctors have taken them off their hypertension meds. I even have a happy dance for when people write to tell me (subtly!) that their digestive system is 'working properly' for the first in years - sometimes for the first time ever. 

Because this is not and never was a 'fad'. It WAS an extremely well-researched and carefully designed short-term personal experiment, designed to completely reset my relationship with food.

To give me a clean slate. To give me a god-damn break from overthinking every mouthful of food before it passed my lips and from the guilt and shame that came afterwards too.

It IS based on well-established, peer-reviewed science - hundreds of books and studies - by absolute giants in the fields of both nutrition and addiction. After decades of diligently following every conceivable mainstream and fringe diet out there and ultimately achieving nothing but more weight gain, less self-esteem and more misery, I can tell you that my potato mono-diet was actually the only logical course of action if I was ever to reclaim control of my own health.

You already know you’re better off eating an apple than a doughnut, yet all too often you choose the doughnut. Why?

The key to weight loss is in understanding why and how we make food choices so that we can begin to rely on logic rather than making emotion based decisions.

You don’t need willpower and you certainly do not need to be counting or tracking or measuring or even being more mindful of every mouthful.

You need a plan that's so ridiculously simple it's foolproof. Plug and play. Set and forget.

My health was never at risk eating potatoes for a year. Just the opposite. The real risk was to keep doing what I had always done, to keep following that well-worn path of standard diet advice that only ever tried to address the symptoms of the real problem: my relationship with food.

The Spud Fit Challenge is the jolt to the system you’ve been craving. It’s a mind bending course correction like no other.

What I learned about nutrition and addiction psychology during my Spud Fit Challenge should be common knowledge. This way of eating is simple, cheap and as nutritious as it gets - for the whole family. The science is solid, it's out there and it's accessible if you know to look for it. It is an absolute travesty competing interests direct you away from it and make you think that YOU are the problem.

I also think it's a crime that money can be an obstacle to good health. For that reason you can take the Spud Fit Challenge yourself, COMPLETELY FREE.

Click below for instant access to five resources that will kick start you on your journey to cheap and simple weight loss, abundant energy, and an entirely rebooted relationship with food. This includes access to The Spud Fit Challenge closed Facebook community, a dedicated group of caring, supportive folks who are all working towards a common goal.



My 'Weekly Wedges': a weekly blast of delicious and delectable thoughts, ideas, stories, strategies and recipes to add flavour to your life, not just your food.

The Spud Fit 'Rules’ that have worked for thousands of people just like you.

My Spud Fit mini video course to guide you through the five biggest challenges to achieving long term, sustainable behaviour change.

5 ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT spud-based recipes


My Top 10 recommended expert video lectures, presented by leading experts in plant based nutrition and food addiction psychology from around the globe.

Membership to The Spud Fit Challenge community Facebook group. You are not alone. Take your challenge alongside hundreds of other 'Spuddies' from around the world who are all working towards similar health and weight loss goals.

Slide I have been steadily losing weight. My inflammation and joint pain has disappeared,
and my doctor even lowered my thyroid medicine. My brain fog has lifted.
I no longer have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I'm forever grateful!
Slide Three years ago I was 99kg and I’m just 160cm tall. I reached 60kg July 2019 and now I’m 52kg -
a total of 47kg gone and I turned 55. I love the mental freedom it gave me!
Slide The most valuable element of this programme of eating, the most exciting realisation
of the last year, the most essential ingredient is that YOU HAVE OWNERSHIP!
I am excited by the prospect of the future.


Where are you at?

I am ready for a total mind and body reset in my relationship with food.

The most important part of a spud fit challenge is what you do when it's over.

Why Spud Fit Works
  • No counting, measuring or tracking food - no thinking about food at all.
  • Free your mind to focus on what really matters.
  • Take time off from thinking and obsessing over food choices. Stop relying on food for comfort, enjoyment and emotional support.
  • Understand and harness your inner motivation to make good choices in the long term.
  • Learn to quickly and effectively deal with cravings.
  • ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT: Lose weight and get healthy without ever going hungry
"It's the last day of January and my morning weigh-in shows that I have lost a total of 4 kilos this month, which is what I was hoping for!!! 🙂 I could not be more thrilled with the weight loss AND my emotional experiences this month."
The DIY Spud Fit Challenge

Learn the how’s, what’s and why’s of the Spud Fit Challenge. With 12 super simple spud-based recipes.

"If you're looking for a comfortable way to lose weight effortlessly without starvation, want to reset your taste buds, feel your best, then this book is for you!"

Spud Fit: A Whole Foods Potato-Based Guide To Eating And Living

Over 100 recipes from us and some of the biggest names in the plant based world, including chefs, doctors, athletes, advocates and leaders at the forefront of the health revolution.

"A wonderful blend of personality, science, recipes, useful information and great photos"


Direct, personally tailored help if you are ready for extraordinary physical, mental and emotional change. The ultimate personalised program, with daily access to me as a lifeline. It's perfect for those of you who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and who are ready to get off the diet merry-go-round once and for all.

"Andrew has been my coach for almost a year now. I had never been successful on any diet, or food plan, that I've tried in the past. Rigorous honesty, no shaming, and it worked! I am truly shocked at how I have finally been been able to do this! I'm forever grateful!"
Tubulor Recipes

What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

Spicy Air-fried Potato FriesBy Andrew Taylor - Spud FitAustralian Olympian Morgan Mitchell shares her favourite whole foods plant-based fries recipe 🙂 This recipe and over 100 others can be found in our book 'Spud Fit: A whole foods, potato-based guide to eating and living'.
Broccoli Cheddar SoupBy Andrew Taylor - Spud FitInspirational You Tuber 'High Carb Hannah' shares one of the recipes that saw her lose over 31kg! This recipe and over 100 others can be found in our book 'Spud Fit: A whole foods, potato-based guide to eating and living'.
Rainbow Jungle CurryBy Andrew Taylor - Spud FitAdam Guthrie, heart attack survivor, professional chef and founder of the 'I Feel Good' program, shares with us his delicious Rainbow Jungle Curry! This recipe and over 100 others can be found in our book 'Spud Fit: A whole foods, potato-based guide to eating and living'.
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